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Born to make Dyestuffs...Below Range of our Production

Acid Dyes

ITALTOP is our range of ACID DYES with high concentration, excellent for dyeing full grain leather, nubuk, suede or split.We have different selection of dyes, with high fastness to light, Read More

Direct Dyes

ITALFAST is our range of DIRECT DYES, we can offer a wide range of products for deying cotton, wool, silk, viscose and cellulosic.Our dyes have good levelling and excellent light fastness. Read More

Disperse Dyes

ITALSPERSE is our range of DISPERSE DYES, they are water insoluble dyes for polyester and acetate fibers. In our range we have all the most importat shades commonly requested in the market, Read More

Reactive Dyes

ITALFIX is our range of REACTIVE DYES, we have production of the following quality."M" Cold Series, "H" Hot Series, "HE" Highly Exhausted, "ME" Bi-Functional, "VS" Vinyl Sulphone, Read More

Vat Dyes

ITALTHREN is our range of VAT DYES, we have complete range of shade including Blue Indigo (powder or granular) which can be used for cotton, wool, leather and other fibers, Read More

Basic & Cationic Dyes

ITALCRYL is our range of BASIC and CATIONIC DYES, are mainly applied to acrylic fibers and paper, but find some use for wool and silk.We can offer at different concentration, Read More

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